Hazardous Materials


Competition Launch: July 24, 2020
Phase 1 Due: August 21, 2020 Phase 2 Due (Fashion Show): September 23, 2020

Six feet of distance may keep us healthy, but we could all use some hugs. Taubman College needs HazMat suits.

Your task is to design, fabricate and showcase a functional, health-informed suit.  For phase 1, we ask that you create a digital version of the suit you wish to construct.  Your phase 1 submission should take the form of a 2 minute video, and can include media in any format (i.e. static or moving image, diagram, sound, etc).  Up to 10 teams will be awarded $150.00 to build their suits. We welcome proposals of all varieties – humorous, sincere, nihilistic or fantastical --- but the suit must be fabricated at 1:1, worn, and paraded by you (and(?)/or) a friend.

To welcome students, staff and faculty back to a brave new Fall semester, a runway show featuring all submissions will be held during the last week of September.  Awards will be announced during the event.  More details to come.

First Place – $600.00
Second Prize – $400.00
Third Prize$100.00

Step 1:  Upload your phase 1 video submission here.  Do not include your name in the file name or submission itself.

Step 2:  Complete the information on this Google Form.

Step 3:  Upload your phase 2 video submission here.  Include your name and project title.